Oops, Now What?

In a previous post, I recommended using a MAR,( Medication Administration Record) to ensure proper  completion of your prescription . Hopefully the MAR will prompt you  to take all of your medication as prescribed, but sometimes the MAR cues you that a dose has been missed.

How to proceed after discovering you missed a dose of medication is one of the FAQ’s prone to show up in my text messages.   Very often the question refers to a missed dose of antibiotic. A MAR is very helpful for determining the best course of correction.

When I miss a dose of antibiotic, I handle the situation this way.  If the missed dose is discovered , and it’s 4 hrs or more until the next dose, I take the missed one immedieately, then resume the normal schedule.  If the error is discovered when  it’s less than 4 hours until the next dose, I  take the next scheduled  dose a little early, then resume the proper schedule. If I  opt to skip the missed dose, and  move on,  I  create an extra box on my  MAR, and take  the skipped the dose as the  new final dose.  The goal is not to  have any partially completed bottles of antibiotics in my cupboard!

The course  of action may vary with different types of medication. A good habit to develop is to ask your provider  what to do if a dose is accidentally omitted.  Pharmacists are also excellent resources for information about medications.

For best results,  try and take your medications just like you provider recommended. Poppet finished all of her antibiotic, and is feeling fine !

I plan to follow the medication theme, antibiotics in particular in my next post. Please check in for more information on  antibiotic why, when and hows !

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